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Fungi Masterclass:
With Courtney Victoria



   Join Courtney Victoria on this fungi masterclass in the Forest of Dean, as she takes you through the process of how to find and photograph these wonderful Eukaryotic organisms. You'll learn how to search for the many different types of fungi that can be found in the forest and the macro techniques that Courtney employs when photographing these unique and fascinating subjects.


It is highly recommended that you bring a sturdy tripod that can get quiet low to the ground and a macro lens to allow you to make the most of this workshop. The weather in this part of the world can also be unpredictable and Autumn can be quite wet, so it is recommended that you bring suitable footwear along with clothing that is appropriate to the weather conditions as you will be spending a lot of time on the ground exploring the forest floor.




1st November 2024

2nd November 2024

15th November 2024

16th November 2024

22nd November 2024

23rd November 2024

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