There are various aspects to capturing a successful image, and balance is one of them.

In my portfolio of work, I tend to avoid the human subject in natural landscapes. While composing this print of a Korean styled pagoda, I didn't realise how a second subject would transform the scene until it walked into frame. Perhaps I will consider human elements in my photographs more in the future.

This image is stunning as a large print as it immerses you in lush green foliage.


See below for print and delivery information.

  • This image will be printed on C-Type Fuji Gloss Paper.


    Prints are available from sizes A5 up to A2 (Note: not all prints will be offered in every size). Please note that prints won’t be exact to the specific ‘A’ Size. The longest edge of each print will represent its specific ‘A’ size; however, the shorter sides may differ depending on the crop of the image. 


    All images will be printed with a 15mm/0.6-inch white border around each edge.


    Your print will be signed and dated by the photographer on the back.


    If you have any questions regarding print sizes, measurements or borders please feel free to contact me using the contact form below.

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