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       Courtney Victoria is a British Landscape and Outdoor Photographer currently based in Southwest England, UK. Throughout her life Courtney has experimented with various outlets of creativity, from writing to painting and theatre design. While studying Scenography & Theatre Design and Fine Art at Aberystwyth University, Courtney was introduced to Film Photography sparking the beginning of a new journey.


Courtney experimented over the next few years with photographing a variety of subjects while learning digital photography, however it wasn’t until early 2019 that Courtney discovered her enjoyment of Landscape Photography while living and working abroad in South Korea. 


‘If I had to describe the four years I lived abroad in South Korea, I would say it felt like a different life. It was very different to what I had experienced in the previous 25 years of my life, and I thoroughly enjoyed learning and adapting to new culture, speaking another language, and exploring landscapes that are so rich in history.’

As Courtney made the difficult decision to leave South Korea during the 2020 pandemic and move back to the UK, she was determined to continue exploring landscape photography, however, this time with the aim of connecting more with the wild landscapes of Britain. Courtney currently enjoys exploring local woodlands and forests, following streams, observing waterfalls, and searching for fungi. 


‘I believe that there is magic everywhere if you allow yourself to see it. I don’t concern myself with travelling to epic locations to take great images, instead challenging myself to find inspiration locally. Not only is this a great photographic exercise, but it also allows me to build my own version of nature and the world around me. As a fantasy lover with an over-active imagination and a rather logical outlook on life, I adore immersing myself into ideas, stories and places that mixes the ‘familiar with the fantastic.’ It is amazing what you can find hidden in small corners of a landscape and how even the tiniest of subjects can tell grand stories.’


Courtney is mostly known for her Youtube Channel where she shares the process and journey to an image. Courtney hopes to inspire others with her take on nature and photography while continuing to develop her own skills and challenge the way she sees the world. 


‘I could never have predicted that I would find joy in making videos or that I would teach photography. I think 16-year-old me would be relieved to find out that I finally found the medium to channel my creativity through, and positively shocked that it has developed into a career. Life is full of the unexpected, as is nature when you really stop to look at it.’



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