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Photography, Video, Editing and Business tools. It's all here!



Nikon D750


Universal 3 Legged Thing L-Bracket to seamlessly switch from landscape to portrait while using a tripod.

-24mm-120mm f/4.

-This 16mm-35mm f/4. wide angle is becoming my most used lens. Fantastic quality and produces crisp, clear images.

-Tamron 100-400mm. 

f/2.8 Ultra 2x Magnification Macro Lens. 

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VEO Active Backpacks is a stylish, but rugged rear access camera backpack designed for carrying larger kits (or a combination of camera and camping kit) in comfort on longer treks.


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64GB SanDisk Extreme Pro Class 10


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Magnetic holder kit with a polarising filter.


-Produces up to 4K video. Small and lightweight so it is easy to carry around, with a flip out screen which is useful for vlogging and bright conditions.

-For those who prefer to capture separate audio for crisp, clear sound.

-For smooth b'roll.

- Very useful for my macro fungi photography too!

Carbon Fibre lightweight travel tripod. 

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-This BenQ monitor works as a dual monitor alongside my Macbook Pro. Perfect for colour, graphic and photography work it offers 99% Adobe RGB Colourspace.

-Storage backup for both video and images.

Rugged Travel Hard Drives

-Used when editing and to create business related things such as logos and business cards.

-For image editing and graphic work.

-Catalogue and store images.

-Video editing for Youtube photography vlogs.


Platform: WIX

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