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Photography, Video, Editing and Business tools. It's all here!


Nikon D750


-This is the camera that replaced my Nikon D7000 after I decided to upgrade to a Full-frame body. I have had no regrets in making that decision and love the quality of images this camera produces. I plan to keep this camera for quite some time. 

-24mm-120mm f/4.

-This 16mm-35mm f/4. wide angle is becoming my most used lens. Fantastic quality and produces crisp, clear images.

VEO Active Backpacks is a stylish, but rugged rear access camera backpack designed for carrying larger kits (or a combination of camera and camping kit) in comfort on longer treks.


Carbon Fibre lightweight travel tripod. 

64GB SanDisk Extreme Pro Class 10


For long exposures.

UV Filter, Circular Polariser and ND8

-Tamron 100-400mm. 

Circular Polariser 

The odd occasion a filter get stuck on a lens.


-Produces up to 4K video. Small and lightweight so it is easy to carry around, with a flip out screen which is useful for vlogging and bright conditions.

-For those who prefer to capture separate audio for crisp, clear sound.

-For smooth b'roll.


-This BenQ monitor works as a dual monitor alongside my Macbook Pro. Perfect for colour, graphic and photography work it offers 99% Adobe RGB Colourspace.

-Storage backup for both video and images.

-Used when editing and to create business related things such as logos and business cards.

-For image editing and graphic work.

-Catalogue and store images.

-Video editing for Youtube photography vlogs.


-These Valleret gloves are a must for harsh, winter conditions.


Platform: WIX

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