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Stay up to date with my projects, photography shoots I am planning, events I am attending and more!


     We had a fantastic time at the Wales and West Photography Show in Newport this year!

Although I only attended for two of the three show days, it was a brilliant couple of days where I got to meet and talk to some of you, try out some great kit and once again be a part of the Vanguard stand. 

Landscape photographer Matt Watkins and I put together a workflow workshop, only to realise you simply cannot squeeze the 'Scouting to Printing Process' into a one hour time slot. We certainly tried though! Thanks to all those who attended, it was wonderful to chat with you!

If you missed the show this year, make sure to schedule it into your diary for 2025! I'll be sure to see you there, sporting my vivid orange Vanguard team t-shirt! (You honestly can't miss us!)

Wrapping up Wales&West

A wet and rainy trip to the Lakes!

Last week I spent a few days exploring the incredible landscapes of the Lakes, trying to get a grasp of what the area offered, only to become completely overwhelmed as it pretty much offers everything! Lakes, waterfalls, seascapes, mountain views, forest... where on earth do you even begin?

Despite the awful weather we had, it was a rather successful scouting trip! I cannot wait to return and further explore the locations I was specifically drawn to, one of them being the Borrowdale Valley area, and start creating a body of work.

Even though the trip didn't result it lots of images, it most definitely offered a lot of thoughts and inspiration. I find understanding a location to be quite important, developing a sense of familiarity gives me a better chance of success with future visits and exploring thoroughly allows me to discover unique compositions. It was also interesting seeing how the weather interacts with the landscape, differing from valley to valley, in comparison to the mild weather we get down in the Midlands. Pre-planning is therefore quite important in order to make the most out of a location shoot.

I'm looking forward to putting my scouting research into practise during my next visit and be able to share that with you.


Top Left: Blea Tarn before the rain                Top Right: A rather wet hike!

Bottom Left: Wast Waters early morning.      Bottom Right: View of Derwent Water

What's next on Youtube?

      It was wonderful to see many of you inspired by my Summer fern project! I was amazed as to how many unique scenes and stories I did come across as I turned my macro lens onto the lush green growth in the forest. 


I am inspired to work on similar projects again, perhaps with alternative subject matter. During a wetter season, I think a moss study could be quite fascinating, or perhaps I could revisit ferns as the colours begin to change with Autumn.

So what am I planning next? Seeing as an insight into how I edit my images is requested regularly, I plan to take you from start to finish through a couple of images, from finding a scene to editing and possibly printing. As for the rest of this month, we will simply have to wait and see what nature offers!

105mm  -  ISO640  -  f/8  -  1/100s

5 Image Stack

Weekly Fungi Hunt:

A trip up to the Lake District saw a few successful sightings of fungi! It seems as though there has been more consistent rain further North, allowing for a few Summer shrooms to sprout, such as this Waxcap I found near a waterfall.

It was squeezed between two rocks, hanging out of the ground, meaning I could pick it up and have a good look at the shape and textures of the cap and gills. 


KASE DISCOUNT: 10% off with code: cekase10


In April of this year, Kase sent their Armour System Holder Kit for a trip to Iceland. After using these filters for a few weeks in erratic weather conditions (both in Iceland and the UK), I have gladly joined their team as an ambassador and am looking forward to working with them more closely in the future. You will see these filters start to pop up in my videos and behind the scenes posts. I'm looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you!

This will not surprise many of you, and in fact you could argue that the Sigma 105mm f/2.8 EX DG Macro OS HSM lens is my 'gear of the year' so far. 

It is very rarely missing from my camera bag these days, simply because I am too afraid of missing those subtle and small scenes! It is quite funny how I never used to see such subjects, focusing mainly on the bigger picture of a landscape, but look at me now! Macro obssessed! Early 2023 Courtney would never have predicted such a thing...

Gear of the Month:

- Sigma 105mm f/2.8 on Amazon

- I bought mine used with MPB!


If you have any questions, recommendations or comments, you are welcome to contact me via social media or email. I love hearing from you, although my inbox can get a little hectic, so please be patient in waiting for your response. I will aim to get back to you as quickly as I can!


Thanks and take care.

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